iPad Mini 6 New Leaks – Rumored Release Date

After Apple’s 25 March Madness event, where the iPad Mini 2019 has been revealed, everyone is wondering about the new iPad Mini 2020. Looking at the device Apple has produced, the current tablet is the best value on the market, and it is much recommended. But our unsatisfied curiosity can slow down, and we are asking what will be the changes in the new model regarding its design and spec.

Rumors about the New iPad Mini 6

  • Design – if we take a look at the iPad Mini 2019, we see the conservative design kept on because of the iPad Pro models. If the iPad Mini 2019 had featured the Home-button free design, the Pro generation wouldn’t be so special anymore. On the other hand, on the next iPad Mini 2020, the design could be different. If the next generation of iPad Pros are being launched by then with a lot of new features, the 2018 Pro will become like the rest of the range.
  • Specs – from rumors, the new iPad Mini 2020 will have an A13 processor with 7 nm as the A12 chip, or maybe an improved one (7nm+, or the 7 nm Pro version). Regarding the RAM, rumors are saying that it will be the same as the 2019 version that has received an upgrade from 2GB to 3GB. The camera on the 2019 model has been improved from the 1.2 MP to 7 MP and could be the same as the 2020 version, but the rear-facing camera needs some attention. Also, the stereo to quad speakers of the 2019 iPad can be found in the 2020 model.
  • Features – if the iPad Mini 2020 will lose the Home Button, the Face ID could be added, even if it is not a standard feature on tablets. We can’t expect a second-generation Apple Pencil is compatible with the iPad, and because of that no OLED screen or mouse support and dual-lens camera.
  • The Release Date – unfortunately, when we talk about Apple’s tablet, we are not sure of the release date. We must see how will be the evolution of the iPad 2019 and if we will have a spring update. But looking at the Mini generation, everything will be okay.

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