Transform Your Old Phone into Something Useful

When you’re tired of your phone, you might want to change it at first, or give it to someone else. But what if you can actually transform it into something you want to use again?

Smartphones are powerful devices that have a camera and enough storage space for you. You might want to spend cash on a new one, or maybe, you might want to take some time in order to do something new to it.

You can use your smartphone as different things, such as a replacement for some other electronics.

We’re here to give you some ways in which you can re-use your old smartphone.

Use it as a universal remote

It’s best to have one remote for everything. It’s quite a relief to control all of your devices with one remote. Just download a remote-control app, then sync your phone to all of your devices, be it an Xbox One or an Apple TV.

If you happen to have smart light bulbs, you can also sync your phone to those.

Use it as Google Home

It might not hurt to have a smart speaker in your home. And you do not need to download any apps. You just need to make sure that your phone is updated to the latest Android OS, so you have “OK, Google”. Then, you’ll need to find a Bluetooth speaker and pair your phone with it. Just make sure that both of the devices are plugged in and simultaneously at all times.

Use it as a home security camera

For this, you will only need a security camera app, such as Alfred – works for both Android and iPhone You can check your house while you are still at work to see if everything is well. What you need to do is to put the phone in the main room of the house – somewhere you can have the best view of the house.

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