VLC For Android 3.1.4 Beta: Everything You Need to Know

The VLC media player is probably the most famous one out there right now. It’s completely free and it is a cross-platform player that can play the multimedia files, network streaming protocols and discs.

VLC for Android can play any audio file and any video, drives, DVD ISOs – just like the desktop version, as a matter of fact. It has a complete database, filters, an equalizer, and it plays pretty much everything. It’s free and it’s for everyone. It comes with no ads and no in-app-purchases. Also, all the sources code is on the internet for everyone – for free.

What are its features?

As said before, VLC for Android has pretty much the same features are the version for the desktop. It supports disk shares, all the formats – like MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, and pretty much everything out there.

It comes with a media library for video and audio files and it allows you to get access to the folders directly. It also has support for subtitles. You can rotate the image, you can adjust the aspect ratio and you can use your finger to change the volume or the brightness.


When it comes to permissions, it needs to get to photos, media, files, storage and “other” – for network connections, to set a ringtone, change the volume, or run on your Android TV.

It needs full network access to open the network. It needs to prevent your phone from sleeping while you’re watching a video. For it to change the audio volume, it needs to get access to your audio settings. In order to start the pop-up menu, it needs to draw over other apps. To get feedback on the controls, it needs control vibration.


With this app, you’ll get minSDK 17. Also, an option to group videos by folders. You also get Android Auto, and external storages support on Chromebooks.


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