Nintendo Switch Lite Might Indeed Become A Reality Later This Year

There have been rumors and reports going on for a few months now, saying that the Nintendo Switch console will apparently come at a lower price. The console was nicknamed Nintendo Switch Lite, it was rumored to be non-detachable but still able to wirelessly or through an adapter connect to a TV, and also have the price as minimum as $199.

The regular console comes at $300 in the U.S., and because of this, it made it possible for it to become one of the top bought consoles, having sold more than 34 million pieces until the end of March 2019. Because of this, Strategy Analytics now forecasts that the Switch will make Nintendo exceed Sony’s sales of consoles for the year 2019.

However, Rhys Elliott, a content marketing manager at Newzoo thinks that all this push might not be a good thing for clients. Elliott told Inverse that the positive results of the Switch had created sufficient build-up for the company to price a slightly enhanced variant of the regular at the old price tag.

Nintendo Switch Lite might launch during E3 2019

Elliott thinks that even a small level of entry would generate an increase in sales which are now lower as the Switch already will soon have two years since its debut.

Also, he specifies that Nintendo did the same thing with its old handheld gaming devices, saying that Nintendo has a background of releasing budget variants of its consoles after a few years of their debut. Giving the example of Nintendo 2DS, the cheaper option of the 3DS was released for Nintendo DS users who did not want to buy the full-priced 3DS version.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launch date is still unknown, the company silencing rumors which claimed that it could be released in June, during the E3 2019 annual event. Also, the Japanese journal Nikkei implied back in April that a 2019 launch might in fact happen.

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