Pokémon Sword and Shield – Armor Evolution Rumors and Leaks

A great source of information about upcoming Pokémon games is the Japanese magazine CoroCoro. The magazine reveals insights of the game, and the June edition has exposed what is happening with the popular Armored Evolution rumor. Some leaks have said that Armor Evolution will be in Sword and Shield. But the scans from CoroCoro shows that the June edition reveals the upcoming Pokémon animated film – Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. So what do we know exactly?

CoroCoro Is Taking Down the Rumor

Serebii is the one that has obtained the scans from which we find out that in the June edition of the magazine, we are talking about the Pokémon animated film. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will feature Armored Mewtwo but only in the Pokémon film. Joe Merrick, a webmaster of Serebii.net says on a Twitter post that CoroCoro would have mentioned something about Armored Mewtwo in Sword and Shield because it will not be the first time we the publication does that. In 2013, CoroCoro said about the revealing of Sylveon and Mega Mewtwo Y. On the other hand, the magazine revealed Zygarde forms and Ash-Greninja in the Sun and Moon, but CoroCoro does not specify if they would be anime only.

However, if we rely on the suggestions, it means that Armored Mewtwo, and Armored Pokémon, will not be present in the Pokémon Sword and Shield. The rumor that has started this idea was posted in February from an anonymous user on 4Chan, who predicted at that time the names of the Gen 8 games. And the rumor hadn’t stop here, because it said that Armored Evolution would be a new mechanic with new power-ups like Mewtwo, Charizard, Flygon, and  Zeraora. Moreover, the new Mythical Pokémon – Meltan will be introduced to Pokémon GO, and the Legendary Pokémon box will be a metal snake and a wooden horse.

Finally, some official information will be released at the E3 2019 from Nintendo, on June 8. Maybe from there, we will find out details about Pokémon Sword and Shield, when it will be released and other insights.

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