Rocket Arena: 3v3 multiplayer FPS game will launch this month

Nexon America and Final Strike Games have reported a new 3v3 multiplayer first-person shooter game. Rock Arena is scheduled to start Closed Beta examining next week, the trial stage due to being carried on from May the 23rd and May the 29th through Steam and the Nexon Launcher.

You can sign up to be picked on the game’s official website. The beta version comes with six maps, four game modules, and six characters, and testers will be awarded cosmetic products in exchange for their participation.

The Final Strike Games founder and CEO, Kevin Franklin said that the Rocket Arena had been developed with high-quality gameplay mechanics, adequate controls, and the network code demanded an online FPS. Rocket Arena is an elaborate shooter at its center, effected with a fantastic world, colorful characters, and fantastic rockets.

Franklin added by saying that Nexon America shared their perspective for Rocket Arena and offered the supplies and expertise to make their target come true. The conclusion is a game they are incredibly proud of, he said.

Rocket Arena will be available on PC and Xbox one upon release, with crossplay among the two systems. The PlayStation 4 variant is due to be released later and will most likely won’t come with a cross-play feature because of Sony’s policies.

Located in the fabulous World of Crater, Rocket Arena comes with exciting gameplay mechanics which are different from regular shooters. The Rocket Championship Tour and other competitions are held in its regions, which include a high-tech wonderland, a community living under the sea, a tropical hideaway for pirates, an ice kingdom, and desolate wildernesses abounding of lost Megadon.

The game allows you to choose from individual competitors and rep your district on numerous maps in 3-on-3 rocket battles. Use fantastic rockets to blow up your enemies out of the arena. Also, be mindful of RocketBoots, the villain, robots that love rockets and live in the co-op mode.

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