Clash of Clans – Clan Games To Begin This Week

What’s new in Clash of Clans? While the Clash of Clans players have been busy with the latest missions in the game, today we have a new announcement, and it’s about the next Clan Games and the rewards. Get ready to win some sweet rewards. Here is the complete list for each tier.

Clan Games Rewards

Clan Games will last six days, starting on May 22 and ending on May 28. Each player can win 4000 max points, and 13 players can reach the max tier. The rewards for each tier are:

Tier 1: 3000 will have as rewards: 1 Training Potion, 1 Clocktower Potion, 60 Gems,

Tier 2: 7500 will have as rewards: 40% Elixir, 1 Hero Potion, 1 Power Potion,

Tier 3: 12000 will have as rewards: 40% Gold, 2 Training Potion, 100 Gems,

Tier 4: 18000 will have as rewards: 40% Dark Elixir / 2 Resource Potion, 60% Gold, 1 Builder Potion,

Tier 5: 30000 will have as rewards: 1 Rune of Builder Elixir, 60% Elixir/Dark Elixir, 2 Shovel of Obstacles,

Tier 6: 50000 will have as rewards: 1 Book of Everything, 10 Wall Ring, 150 Gems.

To earn double points, players must complete the following tasks, which will also help you complete the “Strongman’s Friend” task from the Season Challenges. And talking about Season Challenges, if you are new to the game, check out this short how-to guide from the Clash of Clans team:

You have quite a busy week ahead with these boosted tasks:

  • Eagle Artillery Elimination
  • Gold Mine Mayhem
  • Gold Storage Raid
  • Wizard Tower Warfare
  • Archer Tower Assault
  • Clan Castle Charge
  • Destroy Inferno Towers
  • Destroy Tesla Towers
  • Destroy X-Bows
  • Gold Grab
  • Gold Challenge
  • Open Walls Day
  • Pile of Victories
  • Cannon Carnage
  • Builder Hall Blow-Up
  • Bombs Away!
  • Gem Heist
  • Breaking Glass
  • Exotic 11s
  • Noble 9s
  • All You Need is War
  • Slaying the Titans
  • Shocking Turn of Events
  • Battle Blimp Boogie
  • Electro Dragon Mania
  • Wall Wipe Out

Check back here for more updates on all the news and tips on Clash of Clans. If you are also playing Supercell’s Clash Royale or Brawl Stars, we’ve got you covered with updates and tips.

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