Total War: Three Kingdoms, A Perfect War Simulator

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a game rich in mechanics that overlap on top of each other and give you impressive simulated warfare and empire building systems.

When you first begin to play, you are asked if you are new to the game, or a series veteran. The objectives for the new player comes with a character which narrates the story and gives information like a tutorial, also providing useful hints, pop-ups, and explainers.

The vital part of this game lays in its campaign, which lets you choose from numerous faction leaders and begin the many hours’ narration of battle, politics, and victory. After you select your character, you will start with a few troops in a specific region of China.

When combat is initiated, you can choose to assign it to one of your generals, or handling it yourself. You have a field region with your troops and your enemy. If you want to attack, you have to move toward your opponent. If you are defending, you can wait to see what they intend to do. You can pause at any time and give orders.

Formation abilities such as shield blocking give your army particular advantages and being available to get hero abilities enhances the action.

Three Kingdoms catches life when you see it play. It has a colorful palette, flawless voices, and faint animations and it completely charms you, making you forget the time as you are battling. Callouts between troops while in a battle make the game’s fantasy so real, with generals often bragging against each other until when they are a win over.

After almost 20 years since the game first appeared to PCs, it still owns what makes it great and provoking. Its long campaign, mixed with great mechanics that play with each other, add up to a feeling of you genuinely thinking you are grasping the art of war from behind a computer.

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