Call of Duty: Mobile – Details on Controls, Features, and Release Date Revealed

The producer and publisher of Call of Duty, Activision, have revealed some new details on the next Call of Duty: Mobile. The game is a first-person shooter with a powerful team-based element. This upcoming version will come with the majority of the modes, maps, and weapons from across all the other series released so far.

Call of Duty: Mobile Controls

Call of Duty: Mobile has two separate control modes: simple mode and advanced mode. Rather than having an only-firing button, your weapon will fire when the target reticule is aimed at the opponent.

Even if it looks like an advantage, the shooting precision gets lost a lot, and you’ll end up spending your ammo at high speed. However, the good thing is that you can walk and look around more quickly with no need to worry about clicking on the screen to fire.

The advanced mode has the almost all of the heads up display movable so you can get the crucial buttons at hand. This mode has a fire button, and the game provides you with a lot of control over your character.

More Call of Duty: Mobile Features Revealed

Activision has unveiled a total of eight maps for the next Call of Duty: Mobile. All of them traversing different gameplay of the franchise, and are organized to function well on the mobile version. The announced maps include some iconic maps such as Nuketown, Cras, Hijack, and Firing Range.
This game’s weapons have modification slots to add better ammo. There is also a sector dedicated to grenades, some damaging sealing, and others suppression.

A perk included in this Call of Duty: Mobile version is called Ghost, and it can hide you from an opponent’s UAV. You receive three different perks in a single loading. For instance, by using a shotgun, combining Ghost and Fast Recover, you’ll become an expert in close combat.

You get one Weapon Skill per loadout, and it comes as a formidable weapon that activates on a chronometer. Among the Weapon Skills, you get a minigun, flame thrower and many more. However, you will only be able to use it one time or twice during per match.

You also get Scorestreaks, formally known as Killstreaks, for playing well. The most easier ones to earn are the UAV. This scorestreak enables you to see where all your opponents are on the minimap.

Call of Duty: Mobile Release Date

Call of Duty: Mobile will roll out for Android and iOS in the following months, but you can enlist to play the beta version when it is available on your region. Activision announced that the beta version of the game is available across India, at the moment, going towards Australia soon, but it would probably take some time until Call of Duty: Mobile Beta will arrive in the U.S. as well.

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