Final Fantasy 7 Remake Leak Shows More Details About The Upcoming Game

After fans pleaded to be offered more information, Square Onix finally decided to divulge more details on the new Final Fantasy VII Remake. The details are not major, but it’s something. While waiting for next month’s bigger announcement, when we will be offered more information, we can talk about what we know so far.

A recent leak from a Japanese publisher revealed more than Square Onix wanted us to know yet. However, not all of the information given could be accurate.

According to the source, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be split into two parts. The first one will follow the original game’s storyline, ending in the same spot, when Aerith is let down in the water after she dies and everything fades to black. The second part will pick us up where we left in the first half. Rumors also say that a playable demo will be released at June’s E3.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak revealed more details about the game’s features

Here are some of the most popular speculations regarding the Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

  • The majority of weapons will show material
  • Separate triangle heavy hits for each weapon
  • ATB is consumed while using magic; you can receive more bars as the game progresses
  • Summons are still available; 1 new Summon Amarok in the form of a wolf that damages and causes darkness
  • Over-world maps and open world
  • Unique towns that feel alive
  • Limited sightings of Sephiroth
  • Many enemies will be largely redesigned, but most of them will remain recognizable

Most of the details included in this list seem believable. However, they come from an anonymous source, so they can’t be fully trusted. We think we should take everything with a grain of salt and wait to see what news E3 will bring about Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The event will take place really soon, so we will soon find out more about FF7 Remake.

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