New Predator VR Game Is Under Development, And It Would Launch Soon

It’s been quite some time since a Predator video game was released, but it seems that the waiting is over. According to a reliable source, a trophy list for a title known as Predator VR surfaced on a popular forum platform. The game is being developed for the PlayStation VR, and it is implied that the released date is quite close.

It is known that PS trophies are added when a title is nearly finished, which means that the game could be released in the following months. It is important to keep in mind the fact that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (also known as E3) will take place in a few weeks.

While Sony will not participate this year, the developer of the title could opt to showcase the game if it not a PlayStation VR exclusive. If that is the case, the game could be featured during the upcoming Days of Play event.

New details on an upcoming Predator VR game surfaced on the Internet

Some amount of information can be inferred by observing the trophies. The game will feature a campaign, a multiplayer mode and a dedicated horde mode. The multiplayer component will allow players to enter the fray as humans or the Predator, and it is likely that an asymmetric gameplay experience will be offered.

Another Predator game has been announced by the developers of the Friday the 13th studios. Illfonic is hard at work on Predator: Hunting Grounds, which aims to offer an asymmetrical multiplayer experience. The game will be released in 2020. Some believe that there is a connection between this title and the VR game. However, it is hard to prove this theory by using just trophies.

The Illfonic CEO has stated that the game is developed in partnership with Fox and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The title has the chance to be quite successful, but that remains to be seen. Until an official announcement is offered, we can only hope that the new Predator VR game will offer an enjoyable experience for the players.

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