Mario Kart Tour Beta Disappoints Players With Its Multiplayer Mode

The Mario Kart Tour Beta is currently available for Android, and the first details about the upcoming smartphone game are now available. However, some players are complaining that a proper multiplayer mode is not included in the Beta.

Mario Kart Tour Beta Features

Many characters from the iconic Mario universe are available. Among them, we can count Mario, Peach, Luigi, Toad, Toadette, Baby Peach Metal Mario, Waluigi, and others. Players can race across a few retro tracks, but they are limited to two laps per race. Unlike most racing games which are played horizontally, it seems that Mario Kart Tour Beta was designed to be played vertically, also known as the portrait mode.

A set of screenshots has been shared, and the control scheme appears to be quite simple. Players will be able to swipe to turn to the desired direction, and the beloved power-ups will make an appearance. A progression system which will allow players to unlock extra characters is also included.

Mario Kart Tour Beta for Android Disappointed the Players

It may seem that the game is great, but the eagle-eyed players identified a disappointing mechanic. When you join the multiplayer mode, a match-making process will start. The process is quite short, and the race will start quite quickly, but it seems that the game doesn’t ask players to race against real competitors.

It seems that the game will take the profile of some players, and slap them over CPU racers during the event. The mechanic is similar to the one used by the Toad Rally multiplayer mode featured in Super Mario Run, in which players do not compete in real time as their match is compared to previous runs completed by other players.

The Final Mario Kart Tour Version Would Come With a Genuine Multiplayer Mode

The complaints of some players were reinforced by the fact that gamers have the option to skip the cutscene which appears during the start of a race. You can also exit the game mid-race and open the game again to continue from the same point. In the case of real-time multiplayer, those who quit are disconnected, and they would lose the race.

Since we’re talking about Mario Kart Tour Beta for Android, we think that a proper multiplayer mode could be added to the final version. We shall wait and see if that’s true. Also, the Mario Kart Tour Beta version for iOS would come out soon.

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