Samsung Galaxy S10E vs. iPhone XR: Pros and Cons – What We Know So Far?

​Both Samsung Galaxy S10E and iPhone XR start at $750 and have similar features. The S10E is the cheapest model Samsung released back in February, while the iPhone XR is the latest Apple smartphone, being unveiled in October 2018.

The question is if you like both iOS and Android, which one of these two smartphones should you get? We decided to compare them by features and all the other options they have to see their pros and cons.


The Galaxy S10E sports a 5.8-inch AMOLED screen while the iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch LCD, the S10E being a slightly smaller size than the Apple’s phone. In terms of brightness, both devices perform well, but the iPhone XR looks more dynamic. The S10E’s OLED display is meant to make the blacks darker. The device also comes with a higher resolution and a more effective pixel than the XR.

​Samsung’s phone comes with a punch hole camera in the display, and the iPhone XR hosts a notch with the TrueDepth front camera.

Unlike iPhone XR, the Galaxy S10E has incorporated a headphone jack, but both phones come with stereo speakers. A feature the S10E doesn’t have is the Lightning port, whereas the XR comes with it.

Both devices are water resistant, the iPhone XR is rated IP67, while the S10E has a rating of IP68.


The iPhone XR comes with only a 12mp camera on the back, but the S10E has two, namely a 12mp wide-angle lens and a 16mp ultra-wide angle lens.

Overall, the S10E’s Scene Optimizer manages to make colors look extraordinary, and the color precision in daylight and indoors is better on the iPhone XR.

​The Galaxy S10E takes brighter and more accurate low-light photos than the iPhone XR. However, Apple’s smartphone captures better portrait shots, but it works only on human faces, though, not on animals or objects.

The iPhone XR sports a 7mp TrueDepth selfie camera, and the S10E a 10mp selfie camera, with a Beauty Mode incorporated. Even so, when it comes to the overall performance in portrait pictures, the iPhone XR manages a warmer skin tone and a smoother background.

Both devices have excellent video quality. The Galaxy S10E comes with the advantage of HDR10+ assistance, but the videos from iPhone XR appear more cinematic-ally steady, and also the audio recording of the XR is better than that of Galaxy S10E.

Battery life, performance

The Galaxy S10E runs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor, while the iPhone XR has the A12 Bionic chipset, an Apple product.

The iPhone XR comes with a 2,900mAh battery, while Samsung’s device comes with a slightly higher battery efficiency of 3,100mAh. Regardless of the size of the battery, iPhone XR lasts longer than the S10E, up to even three hours.

Both devices come with wireless charging, but Samsung’s flagship has an additional feature, called Wireless Power Share. This feature allows you to charge other devices which also have the wireless charging option.


Apple’s XR is powered by iOS, and the Galaxy S10E runs a new user interface called One UI. Both devices have no physical home button, being composed by digital buttons only. iPhone XR’s gestures seem more comfortable to use than the Android variant. The iPhone XR has iMessage and FaceTime, which is an extremely great experience in comparison to Android’s messaging options.

​The Galaxy S10E also has a remappable Bixby button.

Other features

Storage and memory

The S10E starts with a storage of 128GB, two times the iPhone XR’s storage space. The Galaxy S10E also comes with extendible storage up to 512GB, but the iPhone XR has none.


Both smartphones are great, but it also depends on what you need and what you like. Samsung Galaxy S10E is superb because it has the additional headphone jack, expandable memory, and all the other features iPhones don’t get. The fact that Android powers S10E, it means that you can customize the device at your will.

Furthermore, the iPhone XR is more of an all-inclusive offer. It has a fantastic camera, and the general design is more elegant. It also comes at a lower price than Samsung’s flagship.

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