PlayStation 5 will Feature Backward Compatibility and Fresh Improvements

Backward compatibility has become an essential feature in today’s consoles. It is also known that Sony’s PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with its predecessor, PlayStation 4 as Wire has commented on what the console’s system might be like.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are developed with similar X86-64 design, also their successors, so it makes sense that the upcoming PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible. The feature will make the shift to the next generation smoother.

What it seems to be happening is previous console generations are about to remain a thing of the past. However, they will stay the same at the core, but coming with newer hardware allowing enhanced physics, visual accuracy, and brand new features. This would mean that when games get launched for the next PlayStation and Xbox, systems will keep on running on the older consoles, a bit restricted by their mediocre hardware. This is how Apple’s iOS devices or PCs function.

Sony’s deputy president John Kodera stated at the company’s IR day that the PlayStation 5 would come with a cross-generation system. This means that both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 would be enabled to play the same games together. The PlayStation structure for both consoles will be connected, and we will probably see a few older titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends improved for the new consoles.

Xbox One already offers backward compatibility with Xbox 360, but it has the same game quality as on the later-mentioned console.

PlayStation’s president Jim Ryan said that backward compatibility has become extremely powerful in today’s networking era. He said that it is giving them the chance to transition the gaming community from PlayStation 4 to the next generation of consoles, but still enabling them to play the games they have on the PlayStation 4 on the newer consoles.

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