Death Stranding Livestream Reveals Gameplay Footage Behind the Trademark Hand Prints

Update 2: It’s official: Death Stranding is now available for pre-purchase in the PlayStation store and will be released on November 8 – Here’s the trailer revealed in the livestream, also showing some gameplay footage and cinematics.

Update: many Twitch users have suggested that the official reveal on Twitch shoud show up in a few hours when it will be May 30th in Japan.

Original: If you want to learn more about Death Stranding and see some gameplay, then help us out and head to Playstation’s Twitch stream. Why is that?

The Livestream is called “DEATH STRANDING: Tomorrow Is In Your Hands” and if you head over to the stream, you will see the trademark hand prints all over the footage, covering part of the gameplay reveal (which is a loop). As the number of viewers keeps on increasing, the hand prints will increase and will (hopefully) reveal more details about the game.

I know it’s weird, but just take a look for yourself and get ready for some creepy audio loop as well:

DEATH STRANDING: Tomorrow Is In Your Hands

Games Radar has also picked up the voice of a woman saying “It’s what we need right now; not to stand apart but to come together,” which might also hint at the entire reveal.

The stream went live after Hideo Kojima tweeted a few teasers on his page, adding the message “Tomorrow is in your hands,” to various photos, such as the one with the pod baby floating.

While we might not entirely see Death stranding at E3, it is one of the most anticipated games at the event.

Leaked Release Date: Death Stranding to Be Launched This Fall?

Earlier today, the game’s release date got leaked, revealing that we will get to play Death Stranding this fall, on November 8, 2019. The post was immediately removed, by the PlayStation account, and there’s no way we can verify if it’s a hoax”

Let’s just take it as a rumor and wait for the livestream to offer more details.

We will surely learn more about it and about the other highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive – The Last of Us 2, during the next State of Play which could be this week.

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