Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.1.0 Comes With Numerous Adjustments

The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has proved to be quite a compelling and important one. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.1.0 has come with the availability to play in VR, and it also features various changes on many of the playable characters.

A significant change that includes all fighters is regarding the basic movements: after jumping a wall, you will now have to wait longer before climbing the wall in the same route again. Donkey Kong’s super armor now lasts longer after releasing the fully charged move.

Both Samus and Dark Samus are now made to more comfortable hit numerous times. Fox has the same ability as Samus, but after the hits, it can flurry attack, while Pikachu has an increased grab range, and Ness has an enhanced attack range as has it moved it forward.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.1.0 Comes With Numerous Adjustments


  • He was made to smoother hit multiple times when continuing with Neutral Attack 3 move
  • He has changed the attack range when utilized before the landing, being able to more natural hit enemies in front of you
  • The invincibility doesn’t last for the whole time when using the Down Special move on the ground and shooting into the air with specific timing

Captain Falcon

  • Comes with expanded launch distance on Side Tilt Attack and Back Air Attack move
  • Increased attack speed on Up Tilt Attack and high-damage ratio when using Forward Air Attack move
  • On Side Special move, it comes with increased attack speed when near to the enemy, and durability of the super armor, also comes with expanded time until launched enemies can move again
  • When using Down Special move, it has an extended time-hit-detection on the ground and air as well


  • Made it more comfortable to hit numerous times when keeping up with Neutral Attack 2
  • Has an increased attack area on Neutral Attack 2 move

Peach and Daisy

  • Changed to smoother hit multiple times when keeping up with Neutral Attack 2 move
  • Has an expanded launch distance with the golf club on Side Smash Attack move
  • On both Forward Air Attack and Backward Throw moves the launch distance has been shortened
  • It has an increased vulnerability after hitting on Side Special move
  • On Up Special move, it was made to hit numerous times easily
  • Has increased vulnerability on Down Special move

Other playable characters have been getting changes as well. For instance, Ice Climbers and Pichu both have some basic movements optimizations, the last-mentioned coming with adjustments for Side Tilt Attack, Side Smash Attack, Down and Forward Attack, Back Attack, Neutral, Side, Up and Down Special moves.

Lucina brought changes to the Side Smash Attack, and Forward Air Attack moves, while Ganondorf has a shift on Down Smash Attack move. Both Roy and Chrom feature adjustments on the Up Smash Attack move, while Mr. Game & Watch implied changes on its Up Tilt Attack move.

Both Pit and Dark Pit come with changes on Up Smash Attack move, the last-mentioned having an adjustment on the Side Special move as well, just like Zero Suit Samus, which has a shift to Down Special move also.

Other Changes In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.1.0

Snake’s adjustments are made on its Neutral Attack 1 and 2 moves, while Ivysaur has a change on Neutral Special move. Charizard follows with Neutral Attack 1 and 2 moves optimizations. Diddy Kong is among the few characters which got the most changes. This character brought changes to its Neutral Attack 2, Neutral, Up Special Dash Attack, Up Smash Attack, Up Air Attack, and Final Smash FS Meter moves.

Olimar gets adjustments on its Basic Movements, Side, Up Smash Attack, and Up Special Attack move. Lucario has Neutral Attack 1, 2,3, Dash Attack, Side Tilt Attack, Side, Up Smash Attack, Neutral Air Attack, Up, Down Air Attack, Neutral Special, side Special moves changes.

R.O.B. comes with Neutral Attack 1 and 2 moves changes, and Toon Link with only one optimization for Neutral Attack 1 move. Meanwhile, Wolf has Neutral Attack 1, 2, 3 Down Smash Attack, Neutral, Up, Down Special moves adjustments.

Villager’s Up Smash Attack move has been changed, and the Wii Fit Trainer’s Neutral Attack 1. Rosalina & Luma come with Dash Attack, Side Smash Attack, Forward Air Attack, Grab, Up, Down Special and other moves changes.

Little Mac gets optimizations to Neutral Attack 1, 2, 3, Side, Down Tilt Attack, Up Smash Attack, Neutral, Side, Down Special moves. Mii Brawler has Neutral Attack 2, Flurry Attack, Neutral Special 2, Up Smash Attack moves adjusted. In the meantime, PAC-MAN brings Up Smash Attack change, and Shulk a Neutral Attack 2 and an Up Smash Attack move the switch. Bowser Jr. comes with Dash Attack, Up Tilt Attack, Up Smash Attack, Neutral, Side, Up Special moves changed. Duck Hunt has an optimization on its Up Air Attack move.

Ryu comes with Neutral Attack, Neutral Attack 1, 2, Side, Up, Down Tilt Attack, Up Air Attack, Neutral, Side Special move changes. Ken has optimizations on its Neutral Attack, Neutral Attack 1, 2, Side, Up, Down Tilt Attack, Side Smash Attack, Down Air Attack, Side, Up Special, Command-Input Mode moves. Cloud comes with a Down Smash Attack move adjustment.

In the meantime, Bayonetta has changed to its Neutral Attack 1, Flurry attack Finish, Dash Attack, Up Tilt Attack, Down Smash Attack, Side, Up, Down Special moves. Inking comes with one Neutral Attack 3 move change, King K. Rool as well, for its Up Air Attack move, and Isabelle with a Side Special move adjustment.

Incineroar has a Neutral Attack 1 and 2 move change. Piranha Plant comes with Neutral Attack 3 and Flurry Attack moves change, and lastly, the Joker has an adjustment on a single move: Side Special.

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