Doom Eternal New Levels Available – Add-on Free Edition

Doom Eternal, the game renown for its ‘hell-on-earth,’ gameplay and for shooting and controlling demons is getting new levels. The game’s developer John Romero announced late last year that he has plans to launch a new set of levels for the game. This statement and then release comes after over 25 years since the title’s debut.

The developer now launched an unofficial and incredibly delayed Sigil, a successor to the title’s fourth episode. The edition pack comes with nine single-player levels, and nine deathmatch maps with a licensed copy of the original game.

Even though Sigil add-on is a free edition beyond the price of the title itself, the developer has also made available two limited edition box variants. The downloads won’t be available until after players who pre-ordered the game can get the Beast Box packages along with some items such as custom USB sticks, t-shirts, and other things. This means that everyone who didn’t pre-ordered the game had to wait a while. After 25 years, just a few weeks extra didn’t seem much though. Because of Doom’s accessibility for modding and the available instruments, players could and still can play previously released WADs. Fans can also make their way up on the levels just like its 1993 all over again.

In the free game, however, if you want, let’s say a soundtrack from metal singer Buckethead, you will have to pay €6.66 which is approximately $7.46.

Up until now, the limited edition physical copies have already sold out, sadly. But if you really want the physical game, you will have to get along with a t-shirt. However, if you are comfortable with the online version, you will see that this is as closer as it currently can because you will get to a third Doom game by utilizing the original system.

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