Android Q Beta 4 Testers Report Some Glitches And Bugs

Google is quite keen on respecting the timeline, and the fourth version of the Android Q beta is now available. The Android Q Beta 4 comes with a final version of the Android Q API, which is great for developers since they are now able to test the compatibility of their apps. The SDK for Q is official apps which are made with Android Q in mind can be listed on the Google Play Store.

Android Q Beta 4 new features

Dynamic System Updates

This feature will allow users to run a different version of Android on their devices for a limited time. It works by using the generic system images (or GIS) which are released constantly as a part of Project Treble, which aims to reduce the time needed to bring a major Android update on existing devices. To avoid the potential issue, this type of update has to be offered by the OEM or Google.

Refreshed share menu

The revamped share menu will show up to 8 direct share targets, a change which should facilitate the task.

Pixel Presence

As the name may infer, it is likely that this feature will be limited to Pixel devices. Pixel Presence is a revamped version of the Smart Lock feature, which allows the automatic unlock of an Android smartphone when a certain condition is fulfilled. It is also thought that the change may herald the introduction of new unlock methods, but that remains to be seen.

Testers spotted glitches and bugs in Android Q Beta 4

These are some of the features and more will surface in the future. However, since this is still a beta version, some users reported a few issues. In some cases, the Pixel device will run into a bootloop after the latest version of the beta update is installed. The issue appears to surface quite often in the case of Pixel 2 XL devices. In some cases, the problem also appears on Pixel 3 devices.

A workaround is already available as some users claim that a factory reset will solve the problem. If you don’t want to delete your data, you can also try to reboot the device from the recovery menu.

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