SHAREit 4.8.28_ww Rolled Out With New Features and Improvements

One of the greatest boons offered by current technology comes from the ability to share your favorite content with your friends and family. In the past, smartphone owners had to rely on Bluetooth and NFC to send files from one device to another. The standards were easy to use, but if you wanted to send a big file, you had to wait for a while until the transfer was completed. Thankfully, there are faster alternatives in the present, such as SHAREit. Now, SHAREit 4.8.28_ww rolled out with new features and improvements.

SHAREit is an excellent app which allows users to send their favorite content without problems. It also offers the ability to access a large collection of media content for free. Read below to learn more about it

SHAREit Features

  • Leave the rest in the dust – With a maximum transfer speed of up to 20MB per second, SHAREIT is considerably faster in comparison to Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Send anything – SHAREit allows users to send a large variety of content without any issues. Users can share Full HD movies, FLAC albums, and entire galleries since there is no size limit.
  • Free video content – SHAREit comes with an excellent library which offers access to a large selection of content. Watch thousands of videos in HD and selective quality, download your favorites for offline viewing and share them with anyone.
  • Listen to music – Listen to the hottest hits from all over the world. Download millions of high-quality songs and discover awesome playlists.
  • Play it – With a built-in video and music player, you don’t need another app to enjoy your favorite content. Both players are compatible with a large selection of formats and deliver a great experience.
  • Stickers, Wallpapers, and GIFs galore – Personalize your device by downloading some of the greatest wallpapers you can find on the web and add some spice to discussions by choosing from thousands of GIFs and stickers.

SHAREit 4.8.28_ww Rolled Out With New Features and Improvements

The app is updated constantly, and new features are added. The latest SHAREit 4.8.28_ww allows users to send entire games to other devices.

Now, you can send PUBG Mobile to other SHAREit users with just a few taps. A variety of bug fixes will improve the user experience. Besides, SHAREit 4.8.28_ww comes with some other improvements for stability and performance.

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