iPhone 11 Models To Come Without The Popular 3D Touch, Apple Announced

Apple shared lots of exciting news during this year’s WWDC, which took place earlier this week. A beta version of the anticipated iOS 13 was released, but it seems that the company has decided to remove one of the most significant features offered by iPhone.

The excellent 3D Touch haptic technology will not make an appearance on the next generation of iPhone, iPhone 11 series, as the new iOS 13 version will make all the gestures associated with 3D Touch accessible by using the standard long press. While the feature is likely to remain available on current devices, it may be a significant loss for some of the Apple fans who are looking forward to upcoming devices.

Several sources claimed that the feature would be removed as the first rumors surfaced in April 2018. The rumors were reinforced by many analysts who believed that feature would be phased out due to a variety of reasons.

Apple to remove 3D Touch from iPhone 11 models

The prime reason likely stems from a financial point of view. The array needed to make 3D Touch usable is large and expensive. By removing it, Apple may hit two birds with one stone since the company will save money in the long run, and the free space can be used for other chances. Some sources say that Apple may fill the free space with a larger battery while others envision a thinner iPhone.

The move is quite disappointing for some users since 3D Touch was deemed to be the best haptic feedback system present on a smartphone. It also facilitated access to lots of great shortcuts at a higher speed in comparison to a long press.

While some users appreciated 3d Touch, it was cleared from the start that Apple wasn’t interested in making it better. Introduced with the iPhone 6, 3D Touch remained unintuitive. At first, it was perceived as a remarkable boon, but after four generations nothing changed, and it seems that ditching it is the easy way out.

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