E3 2019 Livestream: Watch Microsoft’s Conference Here [Live Updates]

Are you ready for Microsoft’s big E3 conference? Check it out below, and if you cannot watch it, we will update it with all the highlights of the briefing. Keep refreshing this page to see all the new updates below!

If the YouTube live stream has issues, watch it on Mixer.

Live Updates

  • Outer Worlds to be released on 25 October – confirmed for Xbox Game Pass
  • The trailer for Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge, the 4v4 brawler, has been revealed, showing a few seconds of gameplay. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass when it launches.
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps trailer revealed.
  • Minecraft Dungeons was revealed, announced to come out next Spring, available on Game Pass.! It looks awesome!

  • Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, joined the stage and announced that they have a new console, 60 new games ready to be revealed and 34 of them to be in Xbox Game pass.
  • World Premiere Reveal: Blair Witch (Lionsgate)
  • CD Projekt Red: Cyberpunk 2077 trailer reveals cinematic, and yes that’s Keanu Reeves, in the game and on stage! There’s a release date: 04.16.2020, and it is available for preorder now in the Xbox Store. April 2020 is quite far away, but at least we know WHEN IT’S COMING!

  • New Battletoads trailer revealed
  • World Premiere – Spiritfarer, a lovely game
  • A bundle of many other small games has flashed on the screen for a minute or two.
  • Age of Empires II Definitive Edition remastered, including a new campaign to come this fall.
  • Wasteland 3 trailer shows us a very… intoxicating old man and some turn-based fights similar to what we’ve seen in X-Com.

Xbox Game Pass Announcement, Details

  • Batman: Arkham Knight, Metro Exodus, Hollow Knight, Borderlands the Handsome Collection to be added to the Xbox Game Pass..
  • Halo Master Chief Collection now on Xbox Game Pass for PC.
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC is just 1 dollar (probably the offer is just for this month), and it is available starting TODAY, in open Beta.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will include: Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for PC for $14.99.

Other Announcements

  • Psychonauts 2 trailer revealing gameplay scenes.
  • Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, as charming as all Lego games and movies, has been announced for 2020.
  •  Project Z, a Dragon Ball Game trailer revealed, showing us some scenes involving a lot of yelling and explosions, of course. It will be available in 2020.
  • 12 Minutes, “an Interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop.” I Don’t know about you, but I really want to play this game just to find out if there’s a way out of the loop!
  • Gears 5 Escape teased right now! To be released on September 10! A cinematic trailer shows the 3-player co-op mode. But that’s not all: the mode is available for playtesting in select Microsoft Stores. There’s also a character pack – Terminator Dark Fate, which you can get if you pre-order or play the game in the first week after being launched.

  • New Model for the Xbox Game Controller – Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 revealed
  • Dying Light 2
  • Forza Horizon 4 trailer includes a lot of Lego! And the McLaren life-sized Lego version is on the stage!

  • State of Decay 2: Heartland
  • World Premiere: Sega’s online RPG to come to Xbox One, free to play – Phantasy Star Online 2 – to come in 2020 (Spring).
  • World Premiere: Crossfire X trailer
  • World Premiere: Bandai’s Namco – Tales of Arise (coming in 2020)
  • Borderlands 3 – Release date: 9.13.2019, The Handsome collection
  • FromSoftware’s Elden Ring – the game in which George R. Martin contributed was just teased! It is indeed a Souls game, by the looks of it.

The new Xbox console should be revealed right now, along with project xCloud!

“The console should be designed, build and customized for one thing and one thing only: gaming” – Phil Spencer

– 120 FPS, next-gen ray tracing, a new generation of SSDs, faster loading screens, and more.

“Project Scarlett eats monsters for breakfast” – it is actually the new console from Microsoft! We’ll get to buy the new console in December 2020, with Halo Infinite as its launch title:

“Next holiday, we will launch Project Scarlett with Halo.” – Phil Spencer

Check back here tomorrow for more E3 live updates – head over to our E3 2019 page. Next up, we’ll see what Bethesda and the other devs have prepared for the biggest gaming event of the year.

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