Pokemon Sword and Shield Details Revealed Before E3 2019, More To Come

Nintendo knows we are all dying to find out more details about Pokemon Sword and Shield, so the company was kind enough to make a special, pre-E3 2019 presentation for the upcoming Pokmon Sword and Shield game.

We found out more details on Pokemon Sword and Shield before E3 2019

We already know that Nintendo plans to show a variety of Nintendo Switch games at E3 2019 next week, but, in this presentation, it showed us how the Nintendo Switch games’ world works, the new gameplay mechanics (like the Dynamix transformations), and the brand-new Gen 8 Pokémon. In this presentation, we finally found out the release date, and we saw that the new Pokmon game would come with new multiplayer features and open-world elements, and it seems like the random encounters are completely gone.

Along with Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nintendo has confirmed other E3 2019 playable games too, like Luigi’s Mansion 3, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

As we said, we know the release date, November 15, and it will be a global release. With that said, you don’t have any excuse in not pre-ordering Sword and Shield now, no matter where you’re from. There will be two standalone versions and a dual pack including both games.

New Legendaries, Characters and Story Details

It’s clear as water that the two new Legendaries represent the “Sword” and “Shield” titles: Zamazenta has a shield-like design and Zacian is holding a sword-like item in its mouth.

This pre-E3 presentation focused on Pokemon Sword and Shield’s story and characters and we got to meet the Galar region’s Pokemon professor, our rival, and the Champion, and we also found out that the giant stadiums previously saw as Pokemon Gyms.

The new Gen 8 Pokemon, Dynamix, and the Raid Battles

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will have new Gen 8 Pokemon to catch, to battle or to be friend with and the new feature Dynamax that will help you grow your Pokemon to max size and use more powerful variations of their skills.

That is a skill that you will be able to activate only once per battle, so use it wisely. With the Raid Battles feature you will be able to team up with other three trainers to face a single enemy. The Dynamax feature will be used only by one of the team, but that will be enough to defeat the enemy and catch it.

Smartphone Pokedex and Random Encounters

We are over the Standard Pokedex as Pokemon Sword and Shield offers us Rotom Phone not to just track your collection, but to also fulfill other functions and serving as a replacement for HMs from past games. Random Encounters seems to be gone as you can no longer see wild Pokemon roaming in the wild.

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