OnePlus announces Nord LE, a special edition phone, available in a single copy

Even though it is now a much more “serious” company than it was 7 years ago, when it entered the smartphone market with all sorts of weird promotional campaigns, OnePlus still has a sense of humor. Following information about the special canceled version of the OnePlus Nord model, the company announces a new phone in this range: OnePlus Nord LE (Literally Only One Edition). As the name suggests, there will be only one copy of this variant.

OnePlus returns to unconventional marketing with the Nord series

Not only will OnePlus announce this unique phone, but it won’t even sell it. The company has launched a kind of contest on the OnePlus Nord Instagram page, where only one winner will be able to take possession of this extremely rare smartphone.

The only notable difference from last year’s mid-range premium smartphone is the back, which is now decorated with frosted glass, which is decorated with a color gradient that starts in blue and ends in shades of yellow.

At the hardware level, the OnePlus Nord LE phone is identical to the one already available for sale. It is equipped with Snapdragon 765, has a 6.5 ”screen at 90 Hz, a camera system with four sensors and a 4,115 mAh battery. However, we do not know if OnePlus chose the basic configuration or the top configuration for this variant, but most likely we are talking about the one with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage.

OnePlus fans who want this unique phone must be a fan of the OnePlus Nord page on Instagram and post a photo on their personal accounts showing their current phone and why they want to upgrade to a OnePlus Nord. Of course, there is a hashtag dedicated to the campaign, which marks the entry into the contest.

This isn’t the first time OnePlus has produced unique phones, but it’s the first time the model has been offered to fans. A year ago, OnePlus introduced OnePlus Concept One, the latest phone developed with McLaren, which came with a leather back and electrochromic glass to hide the cameras. That phone was never launched on the market.

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