Viber APK Update is Now Live With New Upgrades

Viber remains a pretty good alternative to WhatsApp when you need a reliable and powerful instant-messaging app to keep in touch with your friends, co-workers, and relatives. Viber has now been updated to version, and you are already free to grab it in APK form.

What’s incredible is that the new Viber update is available in both a simple APK file and as an APK bundle. If you want to install either one of them, your phone needs to run on at least Android 5, but surely that’s just a formal demand.

What’s new

Every update for Viber brings “behind-the-scene upgrades” to the app itself, according to the devs, and the new version is no exception. Therefore, installing it will grant you access to new upgrades for the instant messaging app, although the patch notes don’t tell us exactly what to expect.

Viber allows users to send text messages, make voice and video calls, as well as share multimedia content with one another. The app was initially released over a decade ago, in 2010, and has since gained widespread popularity across the world. Viber is available for various platforms, such as mobile devices that run on Android and iOS, as well as desktop computers and laptops that are based on Windows or macOS.

One of the main features of Viber is the messaging capability, which allows users to send text messages, stickers, emojis, as well as animated GIFs to their acquaintances. The app also supports group messaging, enabling users to create group chats with multiple participants. Additionally, Viber can offer end-to-end encryption for one-on-one and group chats, ensuring that messages and calls remain private and secure.

How eager are you to get your hands on the new Viber update? What do you think about it? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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