Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle 1.0.354 APK Update Adds New Content and Optimizations

Clash of Lords 2 remains a top strategy title that gamers can use in order to enhance their skills. Clash of Lords 2 is actually a game where teamwork plays a crucial role. As a player, you can recruit more than 50 Heroes and mercenaries, build a base and defend it, as well as fight alongside others during 10 PvE and PvP modes.

Update 1.0.354 for Clash of Lords 2 is available now in APK form, and it brings along some exciting new content, as well as new optimizations for the game itself. If you want to install it, you need to make sure that your phone runs on at least Android 4.1.

What’s new

Due to the new update for Clash of Lords 2, players can now enjoy the company of a new Hero called Puppetmaster, who possesses unique abilities to add depth to the battles. Additionally, a stylish new costume known as Twilight Captain is now available to customize the Hero’s appearance.

Furthermore, the update introduces fresh challenges due to the addition of new stages in the Solo Campaign, providing players with more engaging content to conquer. When it comes to optimizations, the event rewards have been adjusted, ensuring a more balanced and rewarding experience for participants. The Hero level limit has also been increased, allowing players to further develop and strengthen their Heroes. The Battle Royale stages have undergone adjustments, enhancing the overall gameplay balance. Moreover, various optimizations have been implemented to fine-tune the game’s performance and user experience.

Here are some of the features of the Clash of Lords 2 game:

  • Take charge of the gameplay! Utilize Heroes’ abilities instantly during battles!
  • Combine Heroes and Troops using our one-of-a-kind Mercenary system!
  • Customize your gaming experience! With more than 10 PvE and PvP modes, there’s always an enjoyable and unique activity to engage in!
  • Stand together with your friends in combat! Join a Guild and compete against players worldwide!
  • You can even challenge opponents from diverse nations!
  • No cost to play! Login daily to earn complimentary Heroes and Jewels!

Do you have what it takes to play Clash of Lords 2?

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