How Did The Marked Heart Season 2 End and Why?

The second season of The Marked Heart has Zacaras torturing Camila and Simón in the course of his quest for revenge. During this time, the lovers are attempting to rescue their relationship as well as the people they care about. That’s quite a challenge, isn’t it?! But hey, The Marked Heart has quickly become one of the top series to be viewed on Netflix, so don’t pretend like you weren’t expecting some drama!

Let’s find out more about The Marked Heart season 2’s ending, shall we?!

How Does Zacarias End Up?

The Marked Heart season 2 closes with Camila witnessing Zacarías’s video testimony before his dead corpse with the chest scar after the procedure.

In his pursuit of vengeance on Camila, and especially Simón, Zacarías morphs into a psychotic monster who preys on innocent people. In his nefarious plan to prevent Simón and Camila from having any opportunity at a happy existence, he genuinely spares no effort and does not miss a single detail in any of the steps he takes. However, by the time the second season of The Marked Heart comes to a close, we watch him come to an epiphany in which he recognizes himself as the person he has become.

How About Cardenas and Lorena?

Throughout the whole of the second season of The Marked Heart, Cardenás is portrayed as a fanatical right-wing regressive president who is completely submerged in fraud and abuse of power. On the other hand, he is not involved in the business of organ trafficking, which he finds out Zacarías has been implicated in.

At the conclusion of the second season of The Marked Heart, Fausto and Lorena make public their decision to condemn and give up on Cardenas and Zacaras, claiming their links to the drug trade as the reason for their actions. Cardenás and Greta, whose sex recordings were released by Zacaras, begin making preparations to flee the country with the money. Greta is accompanied by Cardenás.

Will Nicky Make It Through This?

Nicky is admitted to the hospital, and towards the conclusion of the second season of The Marked Heart, she is revealed to be healing there as a tiny passion between her and Tulio appears to be rekindling.

What would you like to see up next in The Marked Heart Season 3? Do you believe Zacarias is dead for good?

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