Queen Charlotte’s Lord Danbury is Quite the Character; Here’s Why

Netflix’s hit, Queen Charlotte, has kept us quite hooked on the feeling that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the characters. Let’s take Lord Danbury, for example. As part of the great playaround, he was one of the original noblemen to be given the title of Lord. He is Agatha Danbury’s spouse and also holds the title of Lord. Cyril Nri is the actor who portrays this character.

More about Lord Danbury and his story in the Queen Charlotte series below.

Agatha and Lord Herman Danbury were married despite the significant age gap between them, and it was more out of convenience than out of love. But this is not surprising. Most marriages back then followed this tradition. However, the thing with Lord Danbury was that he was pretty arrogant, and he didn’t respect Agatha at all. Even with his own children, he failed to keep up a relationship with them. Surprisingly, he quickly became a thing of the past.

Herman passed away one day, and Agatha was the one who broke the news to Coral first. The two of them first celebrate before pretending to the rest of the staff that they are utterly crushed by the news. Agatha is finally able to ensure her place in the royal line of succession because of her relationship with Queen Charlotte. However, she does not marry again so that she may maintain her independence.

Agatha was wise, and she knew well her place. One day, she explained to a younger Charlotte, who wondered about the process of consummating her marriage, that it wasn’t exactly an exciting act. This is accurate in the case of Agatha because it wasn’t a thrilling act for her at all. This was due to the fact that she had never truly loved Lord Danbury.

But let’s be fair. Who can ever blame Agatha?!

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