Subway Surfers Easiest Tips For Best Performance

If you want to get a Free Miami Special Board you need to change the time and date on your device to  “May 30, 2013.” After that, you can take a look at Board Sections, and now your Miami Special Board is ready to use.

If you want to jump high using a jetpack all you need to do is jump at the right time. To do so, find a jetpack, put it on, fly in the game until it does not have much fuel left an then quickly swipe up after you grab the last coin. You will be able to jump up while in the air and even land on top of a train.

If you want to purchase other characters, you can use the cheat called Time Travel. You can buy special missions and limited edition characters as well. Based on what character you want to buy, change the date on your phone accordingly to this list. Elf Tricky and Starboard – December 1, 2012, Roberto and Kick-Off – February 28, 2013, Zombie Jake – October 3, 2012, Harumi and Fortune – May 4, 2013, Tony and Liberty – January 5, 2013, Kim and Outback – April 5, 2013, Nick and Flamingo – May 30, 2013, Carmen and Toucan – January 30, 2013, Egg Hunt and Chicky – March 1, 2013, Cherry Hoverboard – May 27, 2013.

To make a jetpack fly like a hoverboard you need to turn on a hoverboard, at the same time the hoverboard ends you grab a jetpack. It is not an easy trick. You can change the direction of the jetpack smoke and to do this trick you need a Bouncer hoverboard. Turn it one, get a jetpack which is updated and enjoy the experience.

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