What GTA IV Did Better Than GTA V

GTA IV, a game that’s 16 years old, will remain forever in the hearts of many Grand Theft Auto fans. That’s because GTA 4 has a dark and serious vibe, along with amazing gameplay and graphics for the time the game came out. Furthermore, Niko Bellic, the protagonist character of GTA IV, guarantees a very captivating story.

GTA V, on the other hand, a game that came out more than a decade ago after being developed by the same company, Rockstar Games, is the top choice of most GTA fans. The latest game of the iconic series offers better graphics than ever before, an engaging story that involves three protagonist characters, and numerous hours of fun gameplay.

Even so, some fans of the iconic Grand Theft Auto series firmly believe that GTA IV was better than GTA V, at least in some areas of the game:


A lot of GTA fans praise GTA IV for its captivating and dark atmosphere and gritty portrayal of Liberty City (fictional New York), as it feels more authentic than Los Santos of GTA V. While the latest game of the series tries to add an exaggerated amount of humor, we cannot say the same about GTA IV. While some see this as a downside, others believe that it guarantees the whole charm of GTA IV.

Story and characters

A lot of GTA fans appreciate the darker and more serious tone of GTA IV and its captivating storyline that’s centered around Niko Bellic, who ran away from the midst of the Yugoslavian War, hoping for a better life in Liberty City. The characters of GTA V feel more shallow and less relatable, while those of GTA IV are well-developed and with complex motivations and relationships.


Both GTA IV and GTA V feature multiplayer modes, but some fans of the series prefer the more structured and focused multiplayer experience that the online component of GTA IV has to offer. GTA V, on the other hand, focuses too much on mayhem and chaos when it comes to its online mode.

The DLCs

GTA V, the insanely popular game that came out in 2013, received some updates and expansions after the launch of the game itself, but they primarily focused on the multiplayer component rather than representing single-player content.

On the other hand, we can’t say the same about GTA IV, a game that received two major expansions for the story, which are known as “The Lost and Damned” and “The Ballad of Gay Tony.” These two updates added substantial new content and gameplay elements to the base version of the game.

Physics and realism

GTA IV has brought a new physics engine that adds a lot of focus on realism, particularly when it comes to handling vehicles and character animations. Even though some players were disappointed about the driving mechanics of GTA IV, others appreciated the added depth and authenticity. They believe that in this area, GTA IV was significantly better than its successor.

Even though GTA V has done a better job than GTA IV when it comes to technology, scale, and commercial success, some elements of the 2008 blockbuster game are still preferred by players who prioritize storytelling, atmosphere, and captivating gameplay.

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