GTA Online: Why GTA 5 Players Are Divided Over the Game’s Online Mode

Even though we’re approaching the release of GTA 6 with every month and week that passes, the previous GTA 5 remains one of the best-selling games in the history of the industry. Its online mode, known simply as GTA Online, remains a subject of controversy among the fans of the iconic game.

GTA Online can be highly-immersive to many Grand Theft Auto fans, but others don’t share the same view. In fact, a lot of GTA 5 are upset at what the guys from Rockstar did in the case of GTA Online, and here’s why:

Rampant microtransactions:

GTA Online relies heavily on microtransactions, which is why a lot of the fans of the game avoid its online mode. To put it in a more friendly English, you have to pay extra money if you want to benefit from extra features in the game. Free updates have introduced a lot of new content in the game over the years, such as cars, weapons, and even houses. Much of that content comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Such a “pay-to-win” model, where in-game currency can be purchased with real money, has left a lot of players feeling alienated and frustrated, especially in the case of those who prefer to get their hands on new rewards through gameplay.

Persistent technical issues:

Despite the ongoing efforts of Rockstar Games to maintain and improve GTA Online, technical issues and server problems are responsible for plaguing the experience in the case of many players of the game. A lot of those folks complain about a poor technical experience in GTA Online, as they face lots of technical issues.

The technical issues that GTA Online players have to face consist of frequent disconnections, glitches, and loading times that take forever. Unfortunately, the online infrastructure of GTA 5 often fails to satisfy the users’ demands and provide a smooth experience, causing a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction among those who play the game.

Lots of cheating and exploits

There’s a wide prevalence of cheating and exploits in GTA Online, causing a lot of frustration among those who are members of the GTA community. Paying around $20 for a game only to see that its online mode cannot allow you to play fairly because of others who cheat and don’t obey the rules can indeed be very frustrating.

There are modders who disrupt lobbies using game-breaking hacks, for instance. There are also players who exploit glitches to get their hands on unfair advantages, on the other hand. All these unpleasant situations undermine the integrity of the gameplay in GTA Online and can leave fair players feeling frustrated and disheartened.

Inconsistent gameplay

While the single-player mode of GTA 5 focuses on a narrative-driven experience that’s teeming with memorable missions and characters, we can’t say the same about GTA Online. That’s because the online mode of the latest Grand Theft Auto game diverges a lot from that classic formula, as it focuses instead on open-world multiplayer and sandbox freedom that can often lead to mayhem. This approach is a major turn-off for some players of GTA 5.

While GTA Online clearly has its fair share of folks who don’t appreciate the mode even though they are fans of the main game, there are still plenty of those who enjoy playing the online mode of GTA 5. Regardless of your choice, please feel free to tell us about your passion for GTA 5 in the comment section!

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