PSX 2018 Cancellation Might Turn Out to be a Good Thing for PlayStation

In these last several years, PlayStation looked to continue the hype created by conferences like the Paris Games Week, the E3 or the TGS which kept gamers excited for months at a time by continuing the trend with PlayStation Experience. The event served as yet another home for big gaming reveals.

However, this year we received confirmation that the PSX 2018 will be a no show and although some fans might feel bummed out by this news, it doesn’t necessarily have to look bad for the company. Despite this controversial choice, Sony already made it pretty clear that it doesn’t need PSX in order to deliver big news or to celebrate important releases.

Granted, the PSX events managed to allow fans to come together under one roof, so to speak, and try on demos for tons of recently released or upcoming games for the PlayStation. However, it is no longer the centerpiece for the PS community if we look at Sony’s recent strategy and how underwhelming last year’s event was.

During the PSX 2016 we observed the announcement of the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy game which was months away from being release and we left under the shattering effect of The Last of Us, Part II debut. These announcements however, were merely the cap to a year of reveals which introduced us to Marvel’s Spiderman, Death Stranding, God of War or Days Gone.

This generation probably won’t see a year of announcements better than PS’s 2016, which pretty much painted the picture of how the rest of PS4’s life will look like. Because of the sheer magnitude of 2016, PlayStation couldn’t meet up with the expectations of 2017 and this lead to this year’s decision.

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