Devil May Cry 5 Developer Discuss Popular Nico Character

Devil May Cry fans have fallen in love with a new character that will be featured in the next incarnation of the well-known hack and slash title. Nico, or Nicoletta Goldstein is a remarkable addition to the character roster.

In a recent interview during the Tokio Game Show, two of the developers gave us a little more insight into her and answered the hottest question: Was she playable at one point?

This was quickly shot down by director Hideaki Itsuno. He said that her role as a support was in their mind from the start, as she is the type of person that offers advice on how to act and what to do better. When you play as Nero and make mistakes, she will be there to call you out and make you a better player, even if she may seem to be nagging you at some point.

The creation of the character was also addressed by Itsuno and producer Matt Walker. Nico was designed as a companion for Nero, he wants to keep Kyrie out of harm’s way. This prompted the studio to create a sassy heroine that could provide valuable assistance.

She also brings a breath of fresh air in Japanese games, as characters like her are usually the protagonist instead of the sidekick. You primarily encounter archetypes that have been used before and it takes quite a bit of innovation in order to make them more than your average do-gooder.

This is why the devs decided to try something different and the results are impressive. Nero could have chosen someone wildly different as the encountered lots of people but he went for a young girl that is also a full-time smoker, not afraid to speak her mind and quick to bully your mistakes.

The game will be hitting stores on the 8th of March 2019, and it will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4, with pre-orders already available.

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