Best Week’s PS Store Sales Dubbed the ‘EA Sale’

If you are wondering, EA titles are all that this week’s PS Store sale is about. This must come as great news for the fans which this brand managed to draw in over the years. A list of games which are currently on sale has been compiled on numerous sites and we selected to talk about some titles.

  1. Battlefield

Battlefield is the video game series which features first-person shooter games. The series is published by EA and it puts the focus on large maps, vehicle warfare and teamwork. On this week’s sale you can acquire five Battlefield games: the original Battlefield 1, the 1 and 2 Ultimate Bundle, the Anniversary Bundle, the Hardline Deluxe Edition and the Hardline Ultimate Edition.

  1. Need for Speed

Another huge name from EA which can be bought this week is Need for Speed. This is a racing video game franchise which centers on illegal car races on various circuits. You can find the game released in 2015 and Need for Speed Payback, the Deluxe Edition.

  1. The Sims

The Sims is an immensely popular game which allows you to simulate the life of a family as you design your own house and social interactions. You will find titles related with The Sims 4, such as Bundle, Cats & Dogs, Vampires or Get to Work.

Besides what we spoke about, you can find some other titles out there, such as Unravel, Star Wars Battlefront, Plants vs. Zombies, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Dragon Age: Inquisition or NBA LIVE 19.

To finish this with some other news regarding PlayStation, Sony just confirmed that we won’t be seeing a PlayStation Experience this year. This means that all hopes for a PS5 or a game announcement are lost, at least for this year.

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