Harry Potter RPG Leaked Footage Looks Stunning

Just recently, there has been 1 minute and 20 seconds of pure excitement released into the world. That’s how long the leaked footage lasts, displaying what the world of the Harry Potter RPG will look like. This could be fake, don’t get us wrong, since it comes from an unofficial source. However, the footage looks exquisite, showing a number of different characters, locations, monsters and spells which are all part of the wizarding world that we love so much.

Allegedly, the clip came from a focus group in America and we can connect something else with this too. Apparently, last year Avalanche Software (Disney Infinity) was hiring for the fresh Harry Potter RPG and this would make it possible for this story to be real. Rocksteady’s new game is also speculated to be revealed this year as their fans begged them to dive into the world of Harry Potter.

It would really make sense since they are a partner for Warner Bros. who also has the rights for the franchise. Apparently, this game is set in the 19th century and it features a 3rd person view of the Wizarding world. The open-world action RPG will be focused around your character which apparently has some unique abilities which got it a late acceptance to Hogwarts.

You will be the new 5th year student who has a latent gift for magic and also a rare ability for tracking and identifying the remnants of a powerful ancient magic. As soon as you get to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, strange events start to unfold, which leads to you having to craft potions, master spells or encounter fantastic beasts. In other words, the fate of the wizarding world rest upon your shoulders.

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