Monster Boy Will Receive A December 4th Release

While Monster Boy fans were hoping for an early release, but it appears that this won’t be the case. The official Monster Boy website announced that the release date has been delayed, and the launch will take place on December 4.

This is not the first time they reschedule the release.  Monster Boy was supposed to be released back in 2015, but the release date has been delayed multiple times. This time it appears that there were some issues with the production process. Manufacturing the goods takes more time than it was initially expected and they decided that “an incomplete physical release” wouldn’t make sense.

Both the digital and the physical release will take place on December 4, as these two are linked together. These two different releases are connected “for the purpose of transparency”. Developers explained that they are using one ROM version for both releases, so they need to be kept “ in sync for future support, patches and DLC.” A full release is also needed because of the deals they have with retail partners.

You can still pre-order Monster Boy if you want to secure your launch edition copy, which comes with sticker sheets and instruction booklet.


Fans’ reactions were divided after the announcement. There were some users who appeared to be upset with the delayed release. “I want this game to play it 1 month before Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches on Switch 6th November, and now ANOTHER delay?!, the third just this year…” replied one disappointed user.

Nonetheless, there were also multiple customers who showed their support.  “I follow you 100% on this. I’m really looking forward to play your game, take all the time you need to make it the greatest, the one you’re proud to play and deliver to us :-)” commented one user.

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