The Occupation Release Date Delayed: The Game Will Be Out Next Year

The White Paper Games Team announced on their official Tumblr what they called an “extremely tough decision”. They have decided to postpone the launch date for the Occupation. The release will take place next year, and the new date is February 5th.

“We know that right now the game is so close to being complete and ready to play, but we also know that there are some tweaks and improvements that we need to make in order for it to be something that we’re proud to release and an experience that we’re happy to hand over to you all,” read the announcement.

Developers have worked on this game for four years, so it is easy to understand why they want to make sure that everything is perfect. According to their post, “we see the short delay as a small sacrifice to make sure we create something that values your time.” The post also let us know that there “a lot of cool announcements coming”, so fans need to remain patient. “Thank you for all the incredible support so far – we just have one more push to make before we’re able to share it with you all! – The WPG team” concluded the post.

The Occupation

The game will take you to 1987 England where you will be able to investigate a supposed terrorist attack. As a journalist, your job is to find out what caused the explosion. You can spy others and talk to people in order to find out the truth. The original release date for The Occupation was October 9th, but fans will have to wait more if they want to play the game. Until February, you can take a look at the trailer which is available online.

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