Niantic: Will Pokemon Go Come with a Gen 4 Release?

We come with Pokemon Go pieces of news: is there going to be a Gen 4 release and when is it going actually to happen? We all know how Niantic did a lot of things to win back the trainers, including organizing new events and coming up with new features. Players also helped the game’s profit and they’re sure waiting for the next update. However, the game itself still has a few minuses, such as PvP, a thing that could grow the entire thing on iOS and Android.

The Halloween event

Trainers are also looking forward to the new event, Halloween 2018. This holiday is a very good thing for people and Niantic had made the most out of it ever since the beginning, when the game was first released, and they did not forget about this year’s edition either. The real question is, will the Gen 4 Pokemon come with this event? Last year we got pocket monsters (only Ghost-types). Then, in December, we got a gradual rollout, so fans think it’s the same case this year, too.

Niantic didn’t say anything about their plans for Halloween so far. However, e new teaser is set to be released soon. A Pokemon Go newsletter was sent to players and they had a first look at the plans of Niantic. But there’s not much there besides the fact that there exist some plans and that they will happen in October.

For example, Mismagius is one of the Pokemons that can take part in Niantic’s Halloween events. Dusknoir is also on the list, with a secondary ghost-type. However, it’s just speculation; we don’t know anything for sure until Niantic decides to give us an official statement. The fact that there are many references to Sinnoh types in the code of the game show that there is definitely something that’s going to come out soon.

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