Huge Sims 4 Update Available This October

Maxing has recently held its first live stream, sharing a wealth of information about the franchise, and giving an insight into what will come for the Sims Mobile and FreePlay users. The pinnacle of the event was the announcement of a massive new update for Sims 4, saluted with passion by the fans of the franchise that tuned in for the event.

The first thing that was announced is the fact that the October update will not come in October, as more work is needed in order to deliver a perfect experience (and free of any game-breaking bugs that may cause a civil war on the forums). A new career is coming as the team has formally announced the Style Influencer.

The new career will allow your Sim to start as a Rage Reviewer, as it aims to become the ultimate fashion icon. If you offer a makeover to nearby Sims and they like it, they will recommend and boost your status in the community.

While some fans welcomed the addition, others were quick to note that the career path is already available for players that opt to mode their game. The announcement of an improved terrain tool sent the Twitch chat into ecstasy as the terrain manipulation will become available.

As you could only build something on a flat surface, the update will allow prospective architects to explore endless possibilities as they will be able to create outlandish buildings.

The developers also showed a garage, which encouraged the community to believe that garages and cars will also make their way in the game along with the new update.

After the stream, it was also revealed that the Python version of the game will be upgraded to 3.7, effectively breaking al the mods that are currently available.

Some content creators have also accused the content of theft, as it was previously noted that a Style Influencer was already available as mod, which is a bit far-fetched if you think that updates based on modes have become a staple for years.

The update should arrive during the first days of November.

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