Top Tips To Get A Powerful Start in GTA Online

Lasting for more than five years (and with more to come according to Rockstar) GTA Online has become one of the most cherished multiplayer modes ever released. More than 30 updates have infused life by adding lots of content, and there is something for everyone in San Andreas.

Veterans are able to do whatever they want but the path is a bit harder for newcomers, especially when you don’t know what to do first. Below you will find a list of helpful tips that will make you a successful mogul in no time.

Complete the tutorial

In order to begin your GTA Online career you should complete the tutorial, which should become selectable after you finish the prologue of the solo campaign. After creating your ideal character a series of missions and scenarios will teach you the basics.

Invest in a secure garage for your ride

One of the best racing cars in the game, the Elegy RH8, can be unlocked for free if you register your game with Rockstar Social Club. Be sure to drop some cash in Loss/Theft prevention and buy a decent garage for your car in order to keep thieves away.

Use ATMs to store your cash

After a successful heist or activity, pay a visit to the nearest ATM and deposit your cash. Or visit the Maze Bank website and deposit your hard earned cash. This way, your money stays safe and you can roam the streets without risking harsh loses.

Buy an underground base

They don’t come by cheap, as the smallest one can be found in Paleto Bay for the meager sum of $1,125,000. It may seem quite steep, but buying one will allow you to play the Doomsday Heist and net you several fancy benefits, with a shiny panic room as the pinnacle.

Invest in a luxury apartment

They do come with a luxurious price tag, but they are essential for planning heists and advancing through the game. The cheapest ones start at $200,000.

Play weekly

Community events should give you a decent amount of currency, and there are other bonuses like special items. Be sure to check them out weekly.

Now go and become the greatest mobster of all time!

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