Clash of Kings: Wonder Falls 4.04.0 Comes with New Stuff for the Magic College

Clash of Kings is the medium which you can use to observe how kingdoms battle each other, it allows you to wage war, build your castle and even conquer empires. All this is possible through a real-time strategy which pans out inside this multiplayer online RPG of epic proportions. The Clash of Kings fantasy world is accessible once you download the app and as soon as you do so you can start the PVP medieval combat action which is characteristic of this epic war game.

This war game works by pitting you and your army against both friends and enemies alike. Use it to fight other kingdoms as you can use even dragons as power-ups to your abilities to conquer an empire. Clash of Kings: Wonder Falls 4.04.0 comes with a new army ready for battle, four new civilizations which are ready to be explored and the usual real-time war strategy which you have to use inside this role playing game in order to take control over all the kingdoms.

Also, this magical land allows you to obtain full use of certain powerful magical elements. You can interweave ice with fire and tangle darkness with light. The Magic College observed new additions inside the 4.04.0 upgrade: the Magic House and the Magic Book. Use them to increase your chances when fighting other lords as you wage war inside this immense PVP online game.

The control over your kingdom depends on your ability to battle, on how you build your army and how you upgrade your castle’s defense systems. Also, upgrades can be acquired for your army barracks, palace or dragons as well. This is crucial if you wish to survive this game during powerful PVE attacks.

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