Minecraft Java Team Decided to Open Source Two of Their Codes as Libraries

The Minecraft Java team, based in Stockholm, started to open source two Minecraft codes, which became available for developers in the forms of libraries. These codes can be used by developers to help them in creating not only their Minecraft modes, but also their own projects. Other than that, they can be used to modify parts of the Minecraft Java engine.

The Minecraft Java team plans to open up more libraries in the future. For now, developers can access two of them, DataFixerUpper and Brigadier. All available libraries are MIT licensed and open source.


One of the two libraries that was made available for developers, DataFixerUpper is an important code of the Minecraft game engine. This library is very useful for every developer who wants to introduce a new feature into Minecraft. DataFixerUpper helps to change the way save files and level data are stored by modifying thesis data formats so that they will be fully compatible with the current version of the game.


The second library, Brigadier allows developers to turn the text they enter in Minecraft into a real function that will become part of the game. For example, we might try to enter into the game a line of text “/give Dinnerbone sticks”. Once entered, Brigadier receives it and breaks it down into smaller parts, after which it analyses the introduced text in order to implement it into the game. This library has been available for about one week and its readme doc and code have already been improved.

Blaze3D could be next in line for open sourcing. This library is a full rewrite of Minecraft 1.14’s render engine.

The announcement regarding these two libraries can be found on the Minecraft website, while DataFixerUpper and Brigadier are both available for all developers.

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