Clash of Clan’s October update brings new Goblin Maps and Clan War Leagues

Clash of Clans developers, Supercell Games, are still going on with their sneak peeks at what new modes and features will be brought on by the October update.

The teasing began a few weeks ago

There have been weeks since Supercell decided to lift the curtain covering the next Clash of Clans update and started teasing some quality improvements that were coming soon. During those weeks, we still were uncertain about the exact time that this update will be released, but recently the company unveiled the release date and it is indeed in October.

A post from the forums told us what to expect

Just yesterday we came across the news that this update will consist of adding 25 new Goblin Maps for you to experience, adding to the already existing 50 ones. Those new to the game might find out just now that these maps are the single player campaigns of the game.

Currently, 50 (soon 75) Maps are available which will have you attack a Goblin village controlled by an NPC, providing a worthy alternative to the main gaming mode which is multiplayer. Also, playing on these maps will allow you to get a grip of the game before you actually start to battle other people.

Besides new Goblin Maps, there is another tasty treat coming

Supercell announced that this update will also introduce to us the Clan War Leagues. Each Clan would become able to participating in a War League once per month, each of them taking place for eight days. If you’re wondering, the difference from Clan Wars comes from the fact that each teammate will have just one attack, so you will have to make it count.

Further details are still expected but what we did get confirmation on is the fact that the League will consist of 18 Tiers, as your clan will oppose 7 others.

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