Diablo 3 Contest: Scavenger Hunt Gives Away Switch Bundles and Real-Life Loot

Blizzard is sharing some real-life loot for those who are up for the Legendary Scavenger Hunt. This time, it is a Diablo-themed contest, and anyone that wants to find the answers to these riddles will have to look for them online and even in real life. Each clue you solve and enter will end with a random reward for Diablo prizes.

Blizzard has announced that the clues will be sent regularly on the Diablo Twitter page, like the one below from 18 October. Decipher the clues and find an online or real-life destination. You might find an item or a QR code, and clicking on it or scanning it will lead you to the Collections page, where all the treasures you found so far will be compiled. Each element will be an entry into the prize drawing – rare items like Legendaries will earn you more entries.

The Prizes for the Diablo III Legendary Scavenger Hunt

Among the goodies, you can win there is the Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle, digital copies of Diablo 3 for Switch, and real-life props of the items in the scavenger hunt which were created by Volpin Props.

The hunt has begun, and there are already three clues you can start searching for – check them out on Diablo’s Twitter page. Some of the users on Twitter have also replied and helped the unexperienced treasure-hunters.


One question still remains: what does Blizzard has up its sleeve at BlizzCon? The main stage will have a special panel for Diablo, and the storefront bears the title “Diablo Reign of Terror.” The studio explained that there would not be a big Diablo announcement, but that they will present some news about it at BlizzCon. The show will begin on November 2 – hopefully, we will find out more about Diablo at that time.

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