Clash of Clans October Update – War Leagues, TH13 And More!

During a developer Q&A released by Clash of Clans, we obtained a colossal insight in what will be brought on by the October 2018 update of the game. Among the covered topics, we found out about new ways to fix clouds, Town Hall 13 (plus TH 14 and 15) and war leagues.

What should we expect in the October update?

The main thing expected by Clash of Clans players to be brought on with this October update is war leagues. We knew about them for quite some time but since the developers made it their priority means that it is a pretty thought-out feature.

Besides war leagues, we expect more magic items, events, and clan games. Ever since it was released, Clash of Clans has slowly released more magic items. Another juicy rumor had us giddy with anticipation in regards to new single-player content.

Town Hall upgrades

Town Hall 12 is fresh out of the oven, but we already see that Clash of Clans looks towards introducing Town Hall 13, 14 and so on. According to the game’s developers, this will keep happening as long as players are maxing out the top level of the Town Hall.

Fixing the problem with matchmaking

One of the main issues of the game is cloud abundance. The game developers look for a solution to erasing the clouds, by either introducing head-to-head matchups – although that is pretty unlikely – or something brand new.

Also, since they aren’t used as much anymore, Clash of Clans looks to get rid of the revenge attacks and change revenge mechanics.

Another thing we expect is an overhaul of legendary league mechanics since things are going bad with the clouds. We still don’t know if this is coming with the October update, but it could happen.

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