Clash of Clans October Update Adds Clan War Leagues And Balancing Updates

We know you’ve all been waiting for this month’s Clash of Clans update that is going to add a new impressive feature – Clan War Leagues.

While announcing these on their blog, forums and Twitter account, Supercell also revealed in their video that the update will roll out tomorrow, on 22 October!

Here are a few of the things you’ll see with this incoming update. We’ve also checked out Clash of Clan’s blog post that appeared today – and it comes with many other balancing updates.

War Leagues – October Update

The Clan War Leagues update comes with a lot of new content. You’ll be able to group with seven clans and form a league. When League week is on, you’ll play a 15 vs. 15 War against each Clan from the league.

At the end of that week, the Clans that end up with more stars will get promoted to the next League tier. The ones that performed poorly will drop to a lower tier – there are 18 League Tiers, so there’s a lot of room to try and become the best. Also, the higher you get, the better the rewards!

The game won’t change – it’s still based on matchmaking, it comes with many rewards, and there’s a competitive ladder as well.

The War league happens once per month and takes place for eight days. Also, every Clanmate gets a single attack in each Battle day instead of the regular two attacks in Clan Wars.

October Balancing Update

The October Update will come with some balancing changes too. They’re focusing on Troops and training costs being reduced for each level – Wall Breaker, Golem, Baby Dragon, Witch, and Bowler.

– Gem Donations costs have been adjusted, with an increase for Giant from 2 to 3 gems and decrease for the rest units.

– Siege Machines have reduced training time and costs – they’re now flat times and costs across all levels.

– There are also various Building changes with the addition of an Inferno Tower to TH12 and adjustments of damages, shockwaves and detonation times.

– There will also be a new level for Resource Collectors – Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, and Dark Elixir Collector – to TH10.

– Last but not least, the blog post added that players can now upgrade up to 200 Wall Pieces to level 13.

For specific numbers on adjustments in this incoming update, check out the official Clash of Clans website here.

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