Gods and Glory: War for the Throne Comes With A New Structure, More Equipement And Privacy

Gods and Glory: War for the Throne requires you to build your empire and battle with players from all around the world in epic MMO clashes. Some say that Gods and Glory is the best mobile strategy game and the numbers confirm it. There are over 3 million people from 130 countries who play it.

What will I have to do?

The game will throw you directly into the heat of the battle. You will take the complete control over your heroes as you start conquering new regions looking for valuable resources. Then, you will have to build a sprawling which will allow you to acquire the power of the gods.

Of course, this is just a sip from the Gods and Glory goblet. You will encounter many more exciting adventures, and they all await you in the latest version of Gods and Glory.

Features of Gods and Glory

This game will have you fighting in role-playing battles characterized by their uniqueness. After you finish building your capital, you will then have to defend it against incoming invasions. You can make the neighboring realms yours to take their useful resources.

How you rule and grow your empire is entirely up to you since the game thinks of you as a god. You can form powerful allies with fellow players from over 130 countries or your friends. Six different gods can lend you their power which you will have to harness to be victorious in battles.

What’s new?

Gods and Glory comes with Altar of Might, a new structure which will allow you to use points of might in exchange for Glory levels and bonuses.

Then, a window appeared to show your progress in collecting items during global events. Last but not least, your profile picture will be displayed optionally to give you more privacy.

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