Legends at War! 0.4.0 Beta Makes You Face Lord Eagris

Legends at War 0.4.0 has you leading your ultimate Hero fighting force against your arch enemy, Lord Eagris. You will have to train, summon and Awaken Legendary Heroes and then form strong teams formed by combining them.

The game’s mechanics

The game Legends at War consists of collecting powerful heroes, unlocking their Skills, and then using their might in tactical battles filled with action.

You will build a fantasy kingdom and upgrade your realm. After you improve it enough, you will have to make mighty Hero Altars so that your heroes will be granted incredible strength.

You will take your Heroes on exciting missions which will contain epic battles full of strategically thinking. Make the world yours by defeating enemies in epic wars.

They will come from all the corners of the five elemental kingdoms, and you will have to prove that you are a Master of Heroes.

Building ultimate teams

Legends at War is all about summoning and collecting dozens of Heroes and improving their skills so that your team would be the best ever.

You can mix Heroes of different elements, types, and roles to make unique team chemistry, capable of crushing any enemies.

Make the world yours

A unique World Map can be unlocked, containing five elemental kingdoms which you will have to conquer and then defend your territories.

Becoming a monster hunter will require fighting with fantastic beasts available in limited time events.

You can explore hidden lairs, fight exotic enemies and stumble across rare materials which you can use to improve your team further.

Involve your friends too

The game allows you to form customizable Alliances so that you and your friends can crush the rankings. Gifts and donations can help you all to grow stronger Hero teams a lot faster.

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