Fortnite Halloween Patch – Things to Know

Fortnite just released the latest patch, v6.20, and it is currently this year’s most significant one, not only because it contains the Halloween event.


Fortnite accustomed us with the fact that every event it releases becomes a special one. This one packs a little extra. Epic Games, the game’s developer, hosts Fortnitemares to celebrate this year’s Halloween.

With this event you will be introduced to new AI enemies which will walk all across the map, fighting with pretty much anyone that gets too close.

Those lucky enough to kill them will benefit from dropped items and also a little bit of shield as recompense.

The return of the revolver

Not too long ago, we observed the vaulting of the revolver due to it not finding its place in the game. Basically, this gun represented the worse version of the hand cannon, a weapon that was also buffed with this last patch.

The revolver is back now, but with a new name, the six shooter. The somewhat new gun aims just like the revolver used to, shooting a shot with high damage and increased accuracy.

The glider can be opened almost anywhere now

Just as it happens in Soaring mode, now you can open your glider in mid-air, anywhere, as long as you find yourself above 10 m in the air. Pressing jump will deploy your glider.

The introduction of this feature made some players worry about the decrease in some items’ importance, such as the launch pad. However, Epic said that it is just a test.

Storms will spread faster

After the second one happens, storms will begin to move faster. From 120 seconds, the time will gradually decrease to 90 seconds and even 70 to 50 between the fifth and sixth cycles.


Last but not least, playground mode will change its purpose. From just practicing their skills, players will take on new challenges as well.

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