ZombsRoyale.io – 2D Battle Royale 1.5.3 Comes With Updated Weapon Looks

ZombsRoyale.io requires that you enter the battlefield in which 100 players fight each other to become the champion. This game pits a lot of people against each other in a 2D, multiplayer, real-time battle royale. These mechanics managed to get it played by over 10 million people from all over the world.


ZombsRoyale.io 1.5.3 comes with three different modes. First, you have Solo in which you play by yourself against other 99 solo players until only one of you remains standing. Then, Duo will either make you play alongside a friend or will make an auto-match with a new teammate.

Finally, Squad mode will require you to make a team of 4 people to prove that your squad is the best in the entire game.

Limited time modes

Every weekend will include something like:

Zombies – besides the usual fighting for survival against other players or teams, this mode will have you defend yourself against entire hordes of zombies which spawn every night, and they get stronger as well.

50 vs. 50 – if four-player teams are not enough, then enter an all-out brawl with groups of 50 men.

Building blocks – if you are a building aficionado, then this mode will allow you to construct defenses and shelters while you are still fighting to remain the only one left standing.


You will be able to choose from 1000 different character cosmetics available through in-game purchases. The game’s ‘Leaderboards’ will have you climb to their tops to show your prowess. Every season of the game lasts a few weeks, and they will grant you unique cosmetics depending on how you perform.

Daily or weekly rewards are available, as well as special coins or cosmetics. Soon, you will be able to play alongside your friends or your clan.

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