Legend: Rising Empire – Civilisation meets Clash of Clans

NetEase is again trying to clone a game of enormous success to get a slice of the popularity pizza. Now, it attempted to combine Civilisation with Clash of Clans, and it created Legend: Rising Empire.

Resembling its inspiration, Legend will have you building your own city, being over 40 various types of buildings from which you can choose. Your goal will be to increase the reach of your empire.

Build a thriving city

You can expand your empire’s reach by building new things inside your town. As we said, there are over 40 types of buildings available, so there’s no such thing as a lack of options. Use your resources carefully, though, because only by doing this you make sure that your growing settlement won’t be left unguarded to other players’ pillaging.

Defeat your enemies

We know that an empire isn’t created by just building. You will have to prove dominance and military prowess. You can control over eight types of units during strategic battles with players in your vicinity. Be careful; one mistake could permanently change the fate of your empire.

An effective management of your troops will maximize their combat performance. You can deploy thieves to infiltrate your enemy’s base, or maybe you would like to protect your catapults and archers from enemy knights.

Forge Alliances

Don’t take on the world alone. Thanks to a smart alliance server, you will be allowed to work together with players from every corner of the world to compete in the same server. This translates into forging alliances with global players in this immense battleground.

You can ask your allies to join your battles, but you can also perform trades with them to share essential resources that are crucial to strengthening and developing a growing empire such as yours.

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